Talitha Harrison

Talitha Harrison is a mother, a transformational life coach, a retired law enforcement Captain from NYC Department of Corrections - Rikers Island, who currently works as a Victim’s Advocate at the District Attorney’s Office and is very active in her community. Harrison has counseled hundreds of hurting men and women in need of love and guidance throughout most of her life and career. She has coached, empowered, mentored, and shifted the mindset of so many people of all ages, youth to adults, globally. She is the founder of four non-profit organizations. Harrison’s passion to help others is undeniable and has birthed many platforms to address the heartbreaking reality and concerns of the community and the nation as a whole. As a result, Ms. Harrison writes from a place of vulnerability and transparency from her personal experiences of trials and triumphs as well as her pure love for hurting people everywhere.

Dear Men speaks to the hearts of men AND women. For men, it increases the level of awareness about the little girl inside every woman; the importance of man's role in the lives of women; and how their actions have a lasting impact on them. It reveals what men may not know about the fragility of women while inviting them to be keenly aware of their strengths.

For women, Dear Men gives voice to the emotions and experiences that have shaped their lives that they've found hard to articulate and points them toward healing and freedom.



This book made me cry. It took me back to my childhood and how I grew up. It made me want to do more for my daughters and be a better father. I see differently now.
- R. Humes


Dear Men. When I read the beginning of the book, my thoughts were, if a man read this book and took the words to heart, what an amazing husband, 'boy' friend, brother, or sweetheart he would be. Talitha has a way of putting love and warmth into words. I would give this book to the men and boys in my family.

- Judge L. Tindal


The is gem of a book reveals the fundamentals from the heart of a woman who has a burden to support men who are seeking practical ways to help mend or heal the brokenness we try to hide or covertly handle. Empowering men to be patient but intentional in mending, so we can live a real and holistic life.

-D. Walker

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