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Dear Men takes readers on a captivating journey as it unveils the hearts and minds of the women in their lives.

The insights revealed in this book are rarely, if ever, communicated in relationships and definitely have never been expressed in this way before. Dear Men will bring awareness to the men we love so much. It is presented in a way that will help men better understand women of current, future or past relationships.

As this book encourages and inspires, it also brings restoration to men and women alike. Dear Men dismantles the lies many men have been told about women which cause many relationships to fail. It also gives voice to the pain and brokenness that is lodged in the hearts of so many women.

This short, easy read to men will allow them to see and hear the secrets of women they may have experienced. It eliminates the guesswork. Men and women will come off this journey with a greater love, respect, and appreciation for one another.

Dear Men will spark meaningful, honest and necessary conversations that will benefit and strengthen relationships. Women will want to get a copy for every man they know or consider as a potential mate. Men will want their sons, brothers and friends to read and experience the revelation that is sure to change the way they view women and relationships forever.

Dear Men is a journey to awareness and healing that you won’t regret taking and one you will want to invite others to join. As you are enlightened, you will be compelled to encourage others to read Dear Men.

Enjoy the journey!